About Maofriends

Maofriends is a lifestyle brand that celebrates cats in funny situations. Why not combine the laughter our cute pets gives us with style! We have a few cat friends to help us get through rainy days and celebrate the things we are most grateful for in our lives.


Say hello to my friends!

Mao Mao 

They are the epitome of cool. Do you feel the wind in your hair? The breeze of a hot summer day chilling by the pool. They’ll always be there to tell people you are fine the way you are and they’ll always be in your corner!



Sister of Maomao. She operates only on two speeds, sleepy or FULL THROTTLE. May burst into tears due to happiness or dropped ice-cream.


Bao & Kiki 

Friends of maomao. Always off in their own world. They are each others foil and are inseparable. Together they are unstoppable.

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