About the Creator (Kaho)

HELLO! I’m Kaho, an artist based in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve always loved arts and crafts, whether that’s pottery or knitting all the way to fanart of my favourite anime or game character!

I take a lot of my inspiration from animated shows and kid's literature in my work. Growing up in the hot climates of Hong Kong and the harsh winters of Alberta has allowed me to experience different cultures which I incorporate in my drawings on a daily basis.

My dream is to show everyone that we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously, even if life is hard at times!

I’ve studied animation at Sheridan college in Oakville, Canada and have been working in the animation industry for almost 10 years. Graphic design may  or may not be my passion, but cute shapes and fuzzy feelings are!

I hope maofriends can give you the gift of laughter and cuteness :)

For Wholesale and licensing inquiries please email : info@maofriends.com

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